Juanita Escobar (Colombia,1985).

Self-taught photographer, her work with documentary photography has been always inclined towards the human being in relation to the environment, towards nature in all its manifestations.

Her most important work was carried out in the Plains of the Casanare State (Colombia), where she keep strong roots to this date.

Winner of the Colombian-Swiss Photography Prize in 2009 with her work Gente – Tierra, exhibited in the Santa Clara Museum, Bogota.

Co-author of the book, Silencios: Un llano de mujeres published by Número in 2009.

Winner of the Crea Digital scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Technologies in Colombia for the undertaking of the e-book, El llano a ras de cielo, 2012.

Selected for the World Press Masterclass Latin America 2015.

In 2016 won the Portfolio Review Prize from National Geographic Society for her 7 year long body of work, Mi vida yo te pienso, in San Jose Foto Festival (Uruguay), then the project was published on the National Geographic Proof. 

Actress of the film EPIFANÍA, selected for the Busan International Film Festival BIFF 2016 (World Premiere).